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0009892Openbravo ERP00. Application dictionarypublic2009-07-14 15:282009-07-14 15:31
20Ubuntu 7.10
0009892: C_Order_Post / C_Invoice_Post should follow regular process pattern in AD
C_Order_Post and C_Invoice_Post are not following regular procedure process pattern in Application Dictionary. If you try to add a new parameter to this process you will not be able. This blocks issue 0009520
If you go to "Application Dictionary || Report and Process || Report & Process >> Parameter" for Process Order and Process Invoice processes you will notice that the list is empty. However, a drop-down list is shown when clicking it on "Sales Management || Transactions || Sales Order || Header" and "Sales Management || Transactions || Sales Invoice || Header" respectively.
Implement C_Order_Post and C_Invoice_Post as regular process patterns in AD so new parameter can be implemented and drop-down list appearing can be defined with some validation rules.
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blocks feature request 0009520 closed iciordia While voiding an AR invoice or an AP invoice the system should allow the user to change "document date" and "posting date" 
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