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0009792Java Client POS(No Category)public2009-07-07 10:352010-07-23 00:00
0009792: The font size in the preview receipt of the edit sales panel is too small
After search a receipt in the edit sales panel, the preview of the receipt appears in the screen. This receipt has the font size too small.
To reproduce it first you have to select in the configuration panel a receipt printer in mode "printer", and go to the sales panel and print a receipt to the printer.

After these steps the preview of the receipt in the edit sales panel appears too small.
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2009-07-07 10:38   
Repository: pos/devel/main
Changeset: d26c49c62434dc3a4f390aba8a5573f2e17fe2cc
Author: Adrián Romero <adrianromero <at>>
Date: Tue Jul 07 10:36:13 2009 +0200
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Fixes issue 9792: The font size in the preview receipt of the edit sales panel is too small

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