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0009660Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2009-06-26 12:062011-02-04 09:12
0009660: "Change Project Status" button can be removed once if the project status is Order Closed
In Multi phase project we have the "Change Project Status" button. Once if the project status is order closed, the button has no meaning to stay there. It can be removed after the project status is order closed.
# Create one multiphase project. Fill the necessary details. Change the project status to order. Then make sales order using the project phase tabs. Then change the project status to order closed.

# If you click the button "change Project Status" a popup window opens and in the combo box nothing will be there since the already the project order status is closed.

We may remove the "Change Project Status" button once the order has been closed.
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