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0009623Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2009-06-25 08:452011-02-04 09:12
0009623: Allow overwritting methods in xsql files wihtin modules
Currently it is not allowed to modify a sqlc method within a module. The effect of this is that for customizing a query it is necessary to modularize not only the xsql file but also the complete object that uses it.

In some cases this is annoying and adds a big overhead to the module. For example if the customization consists just in showing a different value in a select for a report, it is necessary to move to the module the whole report.
Allow overwriting a single method in modules.

The way to do it would be:

-The module can have in a special directory partial xsql definitions.
-In compilation time sqlc determines if there is overwriting for each method, and in this case takes the method in the module instead of the one in core.
-Note that this could break the API because it would be possible to overwrite non-public methods. Modules including this kind of customizations would be more fragile since they are dependent on non-public API, an error should be raised for these cases when building the generated classes.
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