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0009595Openbravo ERP03. Procurement managementpublic2009-06-23 08:362011-02-04 09:12
0009595: Purchase Invoices should allow more than one retention
Today in Openbravo ERP, when creating a purchase invoice the system only allows you to add one retention per Invoice. This is not helpfull in LATAM countries (I know at least is needed in Mexico, Vnezuela, Ecuador, Colombia) where is pretty common to have more than one retention per invoice.

Every retention goes to different account, this is why you cant just summ all together in one retention.

Example -
Retencion sobre honarios 10%
Retencion sobr el IVA 10%

You could not merge the two retention into one 20% retention, because every retention go to different accounts. (accounts combinations)
1. Create a purchase invoice
2. Try to add more than one retention on the same invoice.
Remove the dropdown retention field and replace it as a sub-tab, similar to the Tax tab, where you can add, in theory , an unlimited number o tax concepts you need.

Or even better, to keep the retention dropdown field, but if you need more than one retention then you will have to go to the retention tab to add one or more extra retentions.
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I specified in LATAM countries, beacuse are the ones I know, but I dont know if this happens in other countries... I could bet it does.