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0009520Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2009-06-17 18:432011-03-25 00:00
20Ubuntu 8.04.1
0009520: While voiding an AR invoice or an AP invoice the system should allow the user to change "document date" and "posting date"
While voiding an AR invoice or an AP invoice the system should allow the user to change "document date" and "posting date" of the voided invoice.
Besides BP field should not be editable.
1.- Go to Sales Management / Transactions / Sales invoice and create a new sales invoice header
2.- Make sure that transaction document is AR invoice, and that document date and accounting date are dated on 2006 by example
3.- Enter a line and complete and post the sales invoice
4.- Select the new AR invoice created and void it by pressing Reactivate button and select the option void.
5.- After voiding invoice date and accounting date will have to be set as todays's date or system date (that is not the case now, see issue number 0009519)
While voiding an AR invoice or an AP invoice the system should let the user enter an invoice date and an accounting date different than today's or system date. Tax date should be equal to Posting date.
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depends on defect 0009519 closed rakheemohanlal While voiding an AR invoice or an AP invoice the system shows former "document date" and "posting date" dates 
depends on feature request 0009892 new iciordia C_Order_Post / C_Invoice_Post should follow regular process pattern in AD 
related to defect 0012230pi closed rafaroda not able to void invoices 
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Set to Immediate since it affects an OPS customer.
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Being decided if this is a feature request or a defect and how to resolve it.
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Changed to feature request since C_Order_Post and C_Invoice_Post are not following regular procedure process pattern in Application Dictionary. See feature request 0009892 which blocks this one.