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0009479Openbravo ERP03. Procurement managementpublic2009-06-15 14:342011-02-04 09:11
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0009479: Purchasing products that are not on a price list
In Openbravo ERP 2.50, in order to create a purchase order line or a purchasing invoice line for a given product, the product must belong to a price list. This is enforced in the logic of the product selector.

While this makes sense in the sales flow (you need to add a product to a price list in order to sell it), it does not make sense in the purchasing flow since the price is dictated in most cases by the vendor.

With the current implementation, users are forced to create "dummy" purchasing price lists and they typically assign a price of 1 to every product just to be able to create POs.

This not only makes it harder to create new products but also results in overall poor data quality.
You should be able to create a PO for a product without specifying a price list.

In the purchasing flow, the product selector should be changed so that it allows to select any product that has the Purchase flag set.

The purchasing price list should be optional in the PO and the price derivation logic should be:
1) If a price exists for the product for a given vendor (as specified in the Purchasing tab of the Product window), use that price
2) Else, if a price list exists in the PO header and the product belongs to the price list, that price should be used
3) Else, users must manually enter a price

In all cases, users should be able to override the defaulted price.

The same applies to Purchase Invoices.
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I agree with this statement. This currently makes the procurement process inflexible and difficult to manage especially when it involves multiple users in the different procurement processes.