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0009449Openbravo ERP00. Application dictionarypublic2009-06-12 09:272009-06-12 10:05
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0009449: Screen that allows viewing, inserting, updating and deleting the data pertaining to multiple tables
I want a functionality (probably a form) in Openbravo, that allows not only viewing but also adding, modifying and deleting the data pertaining to more than one tables, and should behave like a standard window tab generated through WAD in Openbravo (currently a window tab only supports operations on a single table).

The form should also have features like Grid to navigate through records, a custom toolbar, and integrated user rights management.
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When I try to do this, i use Views+Rule in postgresql, it is a kind of tricky but it does the job for me. I dont have a clue how to do this on Oracle, but probably there is something similar on there.

With this, I have viewing, inserting, updating and deleting as it was a stardard wad. Would be great that this could be done with the AD, but in the same way would be great that you could create tables, and columns straight from the AD.