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0009316Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2009-06-03 19:282009-06-05 09:28
0009316: Including payment status configuration in the chart of account
The Payment Status management capabilities of Openbravo are very powerful and allow customers to manage the risk of the payment in their life cycle and reflect it in accounting.

However, this requires appropriate setup and, because the setup is currently a bit obscure (you need to create a default accounting per each business partner category for each payment status), it is rarely done.

It would be desirable to be able to define this default configuration as part of the chart of account definition so that it can be delivered pre-configured.
A possibility is to include a new tab in the Accounting Schema window, at the same level as Defaults.
The tab could be named "Payment Statuses" and in that tab users could configure the payment statuses and the default accounts for each of them.

When a business partner category is created, it should look at that configuration and create an accounting line for each payment status.

This would have the added benefit of making it easier to define as many payment statuses as needed.

Adding this tab to the Accounting Schema makes it possible to deliver it as part of the chart of account.
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