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0009284Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2009-06-02 11:562011-02-04 09:14
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0009284: Missing delete on cascade for multiphase project to project phases
If you create a multiphase project with a phase and then you want to delete the project without having it used (for example, because you made a mistake), you should be able to do so.

At the moment you get an error:
This record cannot be deleted because it is associated with other existing elements. Please see Linked Items

When you look at Linked Items you see that the only association is with project phases.

The system should be able to delete project phases automatically, without the need for the user to explicitely delete them.
1) Create a multiphase project
2) Set Project Type (this creates phases)
3) Try to delete the project
Add a delete on cascade property for project to project phases.
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