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0009260Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2009-06-01 13:062011-02-04 09:12
0009260: Error message should be displayed properly while doing Import file loader for Business partner
Error message should be displayed properly while Importing the file for product, business partner, taxes if the data type in the field format has been changed when creating Import Loader format.
    * Login as userA
    * Go to Master Data Management->Import Data->Import Loader Format
    * Click New and fill:
          o Name "Businesspartner"
          o Table "I_BPartner"
          o Format "Comma Separated"
    * Move to Field Format and create new records:

Otherwise use this link [^] to load the field formats for Business partner & Taxes Import.

In the above field formats for Organization field give the data type as String in stead of Constant.

# Login as userA
# Go to Master Data Management->Import Data->Import File Loader
# Select the file I_Businesspartner.txt and the format for the products
# Click OK. This is only to verify that the file is well format
# Select again the file and the format. Click Process

In automation we will check for the title message "Process completed successfully". We will not verify the records inserted into the temporary table.
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2009-06-01 14:15   
Hi Arun,

Are the acceptance test steps correct? Usually, Organization uses to be a constant value defined in the Import Loader Format [^]
2009-06-02 11:58   
The problem comes because instead of saying the route of the problem it gives an strange problem. To reproduce the issue what the developer needs to do is to follow the test case [^] [^] but instead of using constant for ad_org_id you have to use string
2009-06-03 09:58   
Hi Arun and Pablo,

Please review the process that you followed. I did the following:
1) Use I_BussinessPartner.txt file attached (where Organization is a value and not a constant).
2) Create the Import File Format for business partner including in first place the organization as a sting, not as a constant (see 0-ImportLoaderFormat.png)
3) Testing the import of that file clicking OK in Import File Loader (1-ImportFileLoader.png).
4) Process the file importing it into temporary I_Bpartner table (2-ProcessOK.png).
5) See the imported records in grid (3-ImportBpartner.png) and in edition view (4-ImportBPEdition.png).
6) Finally process those records to include them into C_Bpartner table (5-ImportBPOK.png).

Let me know your progress.

2009-06-03 10:22   
Hi Rafa

The process you have given is correct.The same steps I followed in openbravomainpsg context. I have got that issue.
2009-06-05 09:35   

Could you please rewrite the description and steps of this issue in order to clarify that when clicking Process button there should be a check that validates that the number of values to insert matches the number of non-constant columns of the Import Loader Format?