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0009212Openbravo ERPC. Securitypublic2009-05-28 00:292011-02-04 09:11
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0009212: In User screen, business partner selector should not filter by customer
In the User screen, you can associate a business partner to the user.
By default, the selector associated with this field filters by customer (the customer radio button is selected, so only customer are returned unless you check "Both"). This is not a logical selection as in most cases you want to associate employees and not customers to a user.

The consequence of this illogical defaulting is that you cannot use the selector auto complete for this field: if you just enter the business partner search key and press enter, the selector does not work because the business partner is not a customer and it is not found.
This forces users to use the mouse, open the selector, change the default and search for the business partner.

As a consequence, an operation that should take just one click and a couple of second per user ends up requiring a lot of clicks and more than 30 seconds per user.
Since the number of user can be quite high, this is a very significant productivity loss.
1) Navigate to the User screen
2) Query one user and open the business partner selector
3) You will see that it filters by customer
Change the selector in this window to use the "Both" option by default.
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related to feature request 0002777 acknowledged rmorley QA-PSM Service Project: Supplier selector 
depends on feature request 0009257 new rmorley Window / Tab defined as Sales transaction, Purchase transaction or nothing 
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2009-06-01 11:12   
This is not possible at the moment in generated windows. This issue is blocked by feature request 0009257
2010-04-24 20:59   
This is also the case with the Settlement and Manual Settlement windows. By default they are set as Sales transaction windows, hence they also choose customer radio button whenever the Business Partner selector is chosen.