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0009209: Procurement Mangement:Over / Under Delivery Tolerance at Purchase Order & Good Receipt Process
Over - Under Delivery Tolerance feature:

It is useful for making procurement processes easier to determine delivery tolerances above or below ordered quantity.

This covers the following procurement scenario:
 - block/warn during goods receipt process, when quantity delivered is above/below tolerance predefined at PO -line.

This functionality helps Purchase Departments to have under control quantities, exceeding ordered quantities, and full integration with the warehouse with very no double check during GR process.
the enhancement could be:

- Product Configuration:
   Over delivery tolerance units field
   Over delivery tolerance percentage field

   Under delivery tolerance units field
   Under delivery tolerance percentage field

- Purchase Requisition:

  Add a flag fields for "Over delivery tolenace allowed"
  Add a flag field for "Under delivery allowed"

  If Product configuration have these fields completed, then flag the fields

- Goods Receipt Process.

 During goods recepit process, if the flag is marked, then check all quantities and block if it is exceeding/short the max/min qty ordered. send a message or warning.

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2009-05-28 18:52   

do you intend to contribute this functionality? Or did you intend to log a feature request?

If you meant to log a feature request, it should have been logged in the Openbravo ERP project with type Feature Request.

Please let me know and I can move the entry if needed.


2009-05-28 19:03   
Hi Paolo,

I intended to log a feature request.

How can I log it in the ERP project? I'm right now attending a trainig course and I'm testing the ERP functionalities, and I have several features to suggest.