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0009161Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2009-05-25 13:032011-02-04 09:11
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0009161: Reports review - umbrella feature request
This umbrella feature request groups all the general enhancements that Openbravo ERP reports require.

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ReleaseCandidate, reports_review
depends on feature request 0007090 acknowledged rgoris Reports don't remember filter values that have been provided when user switches between different reports/menu items. 
depends on feature request 0004379 scheduled rgoris Improving reports when no data found 
depends on feature request 0009709 acknowledged rmorley Payment Report should have Organization filter 
depends on feature request 0004493 acknowledged rmorley Report Print Option 
depends on feature request 0010181 new rmorley Unify reports print buttons placement 
depends on feature request 0010183 new rmorley Separate Reports from Processes in Application Dictionary 
related to feature request 0010182 new rmorley Online office tools support 
related to feature request 0018649 new jonalegriaesarte Balance Sheet and PL structure reports should be exported to Excel format 
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2009-11-20 10:38   
On the grids the number usually must be aligned on the right , in the openbravo are on the left.