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0009118Openbravo ERP00. Application dictionarypublic2009-05-20 18:502009-05-22 16:09
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0009118: Never used column in c_bp_bankaccount
In c_bp_bankaccount there is a column named BankAccountType.
This column is only linked to a field name Account Type in Business Partner Window - Bank Account tab.

This field has display logic: @IsACH@='Y'

IsACH field was deprecated [1] and thus, removed from the application so this field is never displayed.

Be careful, because a column with this same name also exits on C_Bankaccount table. This column is linked to a field that it IS being used.

[1] [^]
Check whether this column should be removed. If it makes sense to keep it, review the display logic of the field.
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