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0008679Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2009-04-21 12:422009-05-22 19:33
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0008679: User friendly build output
Now that build output is part of standard user interface, current output is too technical for most cases. Usually, you just want to know compilation progress and errors found, so the full detailed output showing processed window, number of SQL sentences executed etc. is confusing.

Note that this behavior applies to everyone installing/updating modules (consider Core as a module as well) and/or current Basic Network customers
Launch any build from console (when installing/updating modules) or by command line in a Basic Network style.
A "step X of Y" prefix should be added to each task. Within the steps, a "nnn% completed" progress message should be shown. And if an error arise, it should be shown as usual.
[openbravo]$ ant install.source
(step 1 of 6): create.database
    100% completed
(step 2 of 6): generate.entities
     66% completed_
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