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0008607Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2009-04-16 19:012011-09-28 12:46
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0008607: Delete client process does use and modify a table at the same time leading to error message in postgres logfile
The delete client process does disable triggers/constraint before deleting the clients' data and enable triggers/constraints afterwards.

The sql-command needed to execute this are recorded in a table called ad_script_sql and this table needs to be excluded from the disable/enable code as this leads to at least the following error logged:

Script errors: cannot ALTER TABLE "ad_script_sql" because it is being used by active queries in this session
- Use delete client in 2.50 (i.e. in the community appliance)
- Check postgres logfile afterwards for errors

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related to defect 00176413.0MP4 closed marvintm Delete Client process does not work (this issue also groups other tickets related to the Delete Client process) 
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Fixed by the recent Delete client refactor.