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0008475Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2009-04-07 09:102011-11-07 14:55
0008475: Unprocess Expenses popup window in Expense Sheet shows Process Expenses
If we click the button "Unprocess Expenses" in Expense Sheet the popup window opened shows the title as "Process Expenses"
# Login as userA
# Go to Project & Service Management->Transactions->Expense Sheet
# Click New and fill:

    * Description: Expenses Consultancy
    * Employee: Eduard

# Go to Lines tab.
# Click New and fill:

    * Reinvoincing: Y
    * Product: Service A
    * Quantity: 1

# Go back to Header tab.
# Click on Process Expenses button.

Now this button is changed to "Unprocess Expenses".

If we click the button "Unprocess Expenses" in Expense Sheet the popup window opened shows the title as "Process Expenses"
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2009-04-08 11:51   
Hi Arun,

This will be treated as a feature request.

Have a look at the related feature requests.

Thank you for your feedback.