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0008129: Generic multi value selector for fields for query/search
Currently on the search screen, the user can set single value in the basic view, while in the advanced view, there is limited feature which user can utilize to achieve searching by multi value(list of possible values and ranges) of a single field, but compared to SAP's generic multi value selector for fields in the search screen, Openbravo's function is not so user friends, there are much to improve.
So the generic multi value selector feature is highly suggested.
1. have an internal structure to keep track of the multi selected value for the field
Operator: EQ/LT/GT/BT
2. For Interface design please refer to the attached, special feature needed: support cut & copy from the operating system's clipboard, and allow upload from text file as input
3. Map the multi value of the field to the query interface.
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jpg Field_Multi_Value_Selector.JPG (31,027) 2009-03-16 06:26
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