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0007966: Organization with US chart of accounts
Add to Demo Data an organization with US chart of accounts so roles can be defined for this organization and users with these roles see US chart of accounts.
1) With current demo data (BigBazaar.xml), go to 'Sales Management || Transactions || Sales Invoice'
2) Create an Invoice with some lines
3) Go back to header and Complete this Invoice
4) Post this invoice

Notice that accounting display in Spanish (see attached image).
Have different organizations: one with Spanish Accounting and another one with US Accounting.

Properly define roles and users so users logged in Spanish work with Spanish Accounting and users logged in English see US Accounting.

Change it in [^]
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related to feature request 00048282.40 acknowledged rmorley Include Accounting Test client in the demo-data files 
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png AccountSpanish.png (47,351) 2009-03-05 11:02
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Done with the new demo data