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0007909Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2009-03-03 09:562009-04-22 13:21
0007909: In vendor Invoice window, field of Project does not get refreshed when value is entered through keyboard.
While generating Vendor Invoice report (in Procurement management module), If you want to select a project (a filter named as Project), you have to select it using the pop up menu. Once selected using a pop up menu you can update (or for example delete) it by using key stoke (backspace key in case of delete). But it will not affect the query result. To actually undo that filter you will have to open up that pop up menu again and click the cancel button.
It can be produced in many ways. I am writing one.

1. Change your user role as "Openbravo Admin"
2. In Procurement Management Module, Click on Vendor Invoice Report.
3. In Filter (named as) From Date select any date in year 2005 (let say 01-01-2005).
3. In Filter (named as) To Date select any date in year 2009 (let say 02-03-2009 )
4. Leave the Business partner Filter empty.
5. In Filter (named as) Project select a project using pop up menu. Select a project (named as) Mafalda project.
6. Click on HTML Format button (to view report in HTML Format).
7. Report should show some results, if not select some other Project in project filter and try again.
8. After successfully generating the report Empty the project filter using backspace key (on keyboard).
9. Click on HTML Format button (to view report in HTML Format).

Report will be showing same results
1. We can make this filter un-editable, user will have to select a project using pop up menu only. Input using keyboard will not be allowed.

2. User will be allowed to enter a value in Project field manually (using keyboard). Its value will be updated by querying database (using Ajax etc).
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2009-03-04 08:57   

Could you please determine whether this is a bug or a feature request?

Thank you.
2009-04-22 13:21   
It is a feature request, because the behaviour of selectors is what is