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0007748Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2009-02-23 11:162009-05-26 18:04
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0007748: Default contact and location for business partner
Generating purchase or sales orders it is needed to get the location and the contact of the business partner.

When there is more than one there is no way to know which one the application should take. Right now it is selecting the min location_id or contact_id. In some other processes the contact is left blank.
It should be possible to define a default contact or location for a business partner.

Or we should make sure when an order is being generated that the user has selected the location and contact with the business partner.
ModuleCandidate, ReleaseCandidate
blocks defect 0007228 closed gmauleon User/contact details not selected automatically, when PO is generated from a requisition through ‘Manage requisition’ window 
blocks defect 0009175 closed rafaroda User/Contact details missing in SO, when a Sales order is created through Create sales order from expenses 
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2009-05-26 11:10   
When creating the first contact or location record, it has to be made default one automatically.
2009-05-26 11:11   
Once this feature request is resolved, address defects 0007228 and 0009175 and review other processes which could be affected by the same problem.