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0007565Openbravo ERP05. Production managementpublic2009-02-13 18:552014-08-06 12:55
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0007565: Specify product attributes in Production
It´s necessary in Process Plan, Work Requirement put product attribute in . For industries that need plan prodution with a special product requirements.
Add attributes in Process Plan and Work Requirement.
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related to feature request 0004149pi acknowledged rmorley Product attributes revision 
related to feature request 0020558 new mirurita P- selection must be included in Work Requirement when product has attributes 
has duplicate defect 0007644pi closed gorkaion Problems with product attributes in production module: User decides not to use them as system is not working properly with them 
has duplicate feature request 0011078 closed pjuvara Attribute Set values: use in MRP and Production also 
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2009-02-13 18:56   
Related to issue 4149 , Attributes review.
2009-09-02 13:27   
According to [^] feature requests should not have Severity Critical.

If there no reason why they are Critical please down their priority to Major:
    * New functionality that would significantly increase the user base of the product.
    * Usability improvements.

2010-11-08 12:03   
As per my issue 11078 that was closed as a duplicate of this issue, the attributes should be added to the MRP module also
2011-03-29 12:48   
Reduced the severity, according to our reporting guidelines[1], because a FR cannot be critical:
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