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0007390Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2009-02-05 13:332009-02-17 09:42
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0007390: Taxes on commissions in bank statement
Currently, when conciliating a payment through the bank statement document, the user can introduce a cost that the bank applies to the payment. This cost is posted in a specific account that can be configured in the ERP. However, the system does not separate the taxes from the base amount of the bank commission.

It would be great if the "Create lines from" button from the "Bank statement" had an additional field for the tax of the payment cost. This way the user could introduce this cost. Then, the system could separate into the accounting the taxes from the base amount of the commission.
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If the user wants to separate the taxes of the commission from the net amount, the impact of not having this feature is that he needs to create a new "G/L Journal" that transfers the amount corresponding to the taxes into the correct accounting account.

Depending on the volume of invoices that are included in consolidated remittances, this can represent a huge amount of "G/L Journal" for the user. I guess this only happens in few sectors where there is a lot of volume of sales invoices.