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0007239Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2009-01-29 16:442011-10-25 18:05
0007239: Service Project workflow has to be reviewed since it has several issues
Service Projects work in a special way, very different from other projects. When you create a Service Project you are able to create lines for the products you need and then add a list of proposals that are provider's offerings to that products. It is like a "closed envelope auction". But current windows are not prepared to support such functionality and the intended flow is far from natural.
If you take a look to the Project Line tab, you will note that Product Selector choose a product from a Price list, although you have no idea what price list will be the best if you are only setting up the proposal items. Since price list is mandatory, when you select a product, the price of the product on selected price list will be copied into Planned Price field.
You may agree with that o you may modify the price. Anyway, a blue message when saving will advice you that "No active and valid price list was found", why?

Furthermore, I will find useful to add some basic auctioning features, like partial providing (so you can choose more than one "winner"), open auctions capabilities (using email to alter who hold the best offer that someone push a better bid) and so on. Very nice examples can be found on the best business auctioning application I know, Oracle Exchange at [^]
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