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0007236Openbravo ERPZ. Otherspublic2009-01-29 15:572011-06-22 20:22
0007236: Tracking issue: Cleanup for 3.00
This feature request serves as a tracking issue which should depend on all individual cleanup task which should be done at the start of the 2.60 cycle.
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depends on feature request 0006698 closed shuehner Partial list of broken/not useful xsql methods which are currently not used 
depends on feature request 0007063 closed shuehner Remove the deprecated task tables at start of 2.60 
depends on feature request 0007064 closed shuehner Change Access Control for old-style webservices (i.e. ExternalSales) from AD_Task -> AD_Process 
depends on feature request 00046692.50 closed shuehner Generated - WAD code clean up: @SuppressWarnings("unused") 
depends on feature request 0004446 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Review list of allowed characters in Tab/Window-names and normalization for internal use (i.e. FormatUtilities.replaceTildes) 
depends on feature request 0006819 closed platform Translation code at compilation does currently care about if a string does have a translation. But it should not care about this 
depends on feature request 0007130 closed shuehner Invalid substr index in SQL query in used parse-method of FileImport_data.xsql 
depends on feature request 0007346 new Triage Platform Base Solve inconsistency: nullable db-columns which have mandatory to Y in the Application Dictionary 
depends on feature request 0005058 closed jonalegriaesarte Unused not working Process: RV_Order_Open 
depends on feature request 0007375 closed shuehner Aceptar function in has redundant conditions. 
depends on feature request 0007548 closed shuehner Tabla a contabilizar RV_Cash_Detail no existe 
depends on feature request 00083463.0MP0 closed shuehner Remove srcClient support 
depends on feature request 0008875 closed shuehner Not used table and window: Storage Bin Type 
depends on defect 0005277 closed shuehner WARNING messages with new JasperReports library 
depends on feature request 0009576 closed shuehner Remove all task implementation 
depends on feature request 0011432 closed shuehner AD_ModelObject.AD_WorkFlow_ID cleanup 
depends on defect 00119003.0MP0 closed shuehner Unsused FO based reports cleanup 
depends on defect 0012429 closed alostale Class registered as a servlet to grant access to services 
depends on defect 0013798 closed vmromanos Link to parent columns using wrong reference 
depends on feature request 0014236 closed alostale AD_Model_Object cleanup for generated tabs 
depends on defect 00140903.0MP3 closed iperdomo If you deactivate a field and after compiling, the input hidden related with that field is still present 
depends on design defect 0014555 closed marvintm Cleanup: remove src-db/src classes, as they are no longer useful 
depends on defect 00158493.0MP0 closed iperdomo Remove dojo 0.4 inclusion from HTML not using it 
depends on defect 00155752.50MP27 closed AinhoaPagola accounting date in "gl journal line" is not updated 
depends on feature request 0016549 closed shuehner Remove Eclipse launch files 
depends on feature request 0018804 new mirurita C_INVOICELINE_TRG clean up 
depends on feature request 0018723 new mirurita C_INVOICELINE_TRG2 clean up 
related to design defect 00047462.50 acknowledged AugustoMauch Generated Help for non-displayed fields 
related to defect 0015999 closed vmromanos The callout SE_Assignment_Product has not java class on the sources 
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2009-06-04 11:14   
Jasper Reports have to be reviewed to see whether they still display WARNING. Linked issue 0005277 as child.
2011-06-22 20:05   
Remove target version as cleanup for 3.0 is over with publication of mp0... Perhaps individual items can be pushed in inside maintenance cycle, but need to be reviewed individually or will reassigned to the other cleanup tracking issue for openbravo.NEXT