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0007131Contribution RequestsCore Contributionspublic2009-01-26 12:352009-04-07 09:01
0007131: Create a new property for a role: CanDelete (a record)
I need a role that can edit a record but can't delete a record (in a window).
Always :-D
1: create a new field in ad_window_access (isdelete char(1))
2. patch the code with the attached file (only six lines of code!!!)

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patch diff.patch (6,581) 2009-01-26 12:35
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2009-01-26 14:19   
Leonbadman: thank you very much for your contribution it is really appreciated.

Ismael: can you please review the submitted code? If it is in line with the project architecture and direction, can you please make sure it is committed to the trunk as soon as we have finished the 2.50 stabilization phase?
2009-03-05 10:22   
Rafa: since Ismael is on leave, can you please take the lead on this, review this contribution with the platform team and see if we can include it in the product?