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0007090Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2009-01-23 11:102009-05-25 13:03
10Xp sp 2
0007090: Reports don't remember filter values that have been provided when user switches between different reports/menu items.
If one provides some filter values while generating a report, it should remember these filter values if one switches to another report/menu item for a while and comes back to that same report.
You can reproduce this but through many ways, however i am mentioning only one way to do so:

1. Change user role to openbravo admin.
2. Select "Project and Service Management > Analysis Tools > Project Progress".
3. Fill out any values for "From Project Starting Date", "Project", and "Business Partner" fields.
4. Generate "HTML Format" report.
5. Select "Project and Service Management > Analysis Tools > Project Profitability".
6. Now select "Project and Service Management > Analysis Tools > Project Progress" again.

Now notice that "From Project Starting Date" filter value is preserved but "Project" and "Business Partner" fields are empty.
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2009-01-23 11:41   
Can you please provide inside "Proposed Solution" a list of reports (including their path Functional Module > Analysis Tools > Report Name) where this is happening?

Thank you.
2009-01-30 13:06   
We change this behavior to a feature request because first we should analyze the reason why this happens in some reports and finally verify if this is correct or not. After that I agree with you and change it. This could be a nice community project.
2009-01-30 14:17   
I have changed the description for steps to reproduce.