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0006966Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2009-01-19 06:492011-02-04 09:14
0006966: Unprocessing a bank statement - popup window still display the title as "Process Statement"
While creating a bank statement using Receivables & Payables -> Setup -> Bank Statement, bank statement is created & processed.I have tried to unprocess the statement by clicking the "Unprocess" button.A popup window opens & the title of the popup window in "Process Statement".
# Login as userA
# Go to financial management->Receivables and payables->Transactions -> Bank Statement
# Click New & Enter the description.Save that.
# Click "Process" button.A popup window opens and the title of that window is "Process Statement".
# The statement will be processed.
# Now try to Unprocess the statement by clicking the "Unprocess" Statement again a popup window opens & the title of that window is "Process Statement"
While unprocessing the bank statement popup window should display the title as "Unprocess Window"
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