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0006892Toolsopenbravo2popublic2009-01-14 18:042009-04-30 12:21
0006892: [openbravo2po-valuetrl]Prevent non-translated strings to be recognized as translated from po tools

One issue still remaining to be fixed is that when you have something like:

<value column="Help" isTrl="N" original="Define a new language as a system language.">B</value>

This is getting translated to po files as:
msgid "Define a new language as a system language."
msgstr "B"

And for all po tools out there this will be considered a string that is currently translated.

Po files have an option to state that a translation is fuzzy adding the following line BEFORE msgid:
#, fuzzy

With this all strings in <value> lines that have the isTrl="N" and the translation is not empty (like the one above that the translation is a B) will have a #, fuzzy line above msgid line if they are exported to po files.

I'm attaching a first alpha version, it just checks if the isTrl flag is N, but it doesn't check if the translation is empty so it ends up marking all strings as fuzzy.

Since is a really trivial patch I suppose is trivial to finish it.
comsup_sprint5, translation
patch fuzzy-line.patch (595) 2009-01-14 18:04
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2009-01-23 10:55   
I think this is somewhat related to: [^]

Seems that the logic that marks a <value> line as translated or untranslated (and thus adding the isTrl="Y" or isTrl="N") is a little buggy.
2009-02-25 12:40   
The main problem here is that if we have a <row> like:

<row id="102" trl="N">
  <value column="Name" isTrl="N" original="Java Version">Java Version</value>

when exported to po file will be:

msgid "Java Version"
msgstr "Java Version"

and ALL po tools works like:
- if msgstr is empty -> string not translated
- if msgstr non-empty -> string translated
- if msgstr non-empty but there's a "#, fuzzy" line above msgid -> string fuzzy

So all <value isTrl="N"> that have translation have to add a #, fuzzy line, in the example above:

#, fuzzy
msgid "Java Version"
msgstr "Java Version"