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0006882Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2009-01-14 11:042011-02-04 09:15
0006882: Line with English description created in sales invoice by "Generate invoices"
If you look at a sales invoice lines generated by "Generate invoices" process, there is one line without product and a description like
"Delivery Note" + Document No.

This line should be translated to some language.

Actually, this line is generated within C_INVOICE_CREATE procedure [1] (business logic) that is not able to take a language.

[1] [^]

(SELECT dt.PrintName || ' ' || ox.DocumentNo||' '||(
                        WHEN ox.PoReference IS NULL
                        THEN NULL
                        ELSE '('||ox.PoReference||')'
                      ) AS Reference
                    FROM C_DOCTYPE dt,
                      C_ORDER ox
                    WHERE dt.C_DocType_ID=ox.C_Order_ID
                      AND ox.C_Order_ID=Cur_Order.C_Order_ID
                    ORDER BY ox.DocumentNo DESC
Go to Sales Management > Transactions > Generate Invoices
Select any filter and press Ok.
Go to Sales invoice and select one of the created invoice.
Go to its lines.
One of them has a description like "Delivery Note" + Document No, without product.
This description should be translated.
The description should be translated or maybe this line could be deleted.

Actually, this can not be implemented yet since Multi Language Support (MLS) is still not available.

Business Logic should not depend on the language of the logged user that launches the business logic but on some other "business" language. The same happens when printing an invoice for a customer that is not speaking logged user's language.
Clean-up, Localization, ReleaseCandidate, trlImprove
related to feature request 0002202pi acknowledged rmorley AT235: MLS needed in General Accounting Report Setup 
blocks feature request 0004058 acknowledged rmorley Translation management 
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