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0006445: Project XL - umbrella
The project XL "eXperience Lift" aims to revamp the user interface and total user experience of Openbravo ERP.

For this project we will use the term consumability as the focus of our efforts to dramatically improve customer’s acceptance of our products.
Consumability involves having functionality that can be used effectively
Highly consumable products enable customers to achieve :

- fast time to value
- get their solutions up and running quickly on our software
- deal simply and effectively with product maintenance throughout the product lifecycle
- Consumability looks beyond usability of a product in common usage when it is up and running but wants to cover the different phases in the product life cycle:
- Pre sales evaluation
- Installation
- Integration
- Configuration
- Up & running usage
- Upgrade
- Maintenance
- Deinstallation

Project XL should focus on those phases that have been identified as important for our and our customer's business. We should use our customer and product satisfaction data for this (see earlier in this document).
Ideas and focus areas that have come up:

- Effective data entry (see earlier)
- Master detail, think Yahoo Mail
- In grid edit
- More natural search, split indexed search and SQL based
- Combined searches
- Saved searches
- Portal style
- Modules, related to main object
- Guidance, help, e-learning from a module on tasks, processes
- Guidance on field and form level
- Integration, open APIs
- Googlemaps, customer location
- Chat
- Google Calendar
- Plug ins ins, e.g. Excel: “save-as OB Expense”
- Provide “Smart Linked Items”, which allow users to drill around the most useful functional links rather than just the data model relationships (example: from sales order to related invoices rather than from sales orders to sales order lines to invoice lines to invoices).
- Enable index based searches from Openbravo on Openbravo data as well as any other data source (company intranet, document management system, etc.) in order to make Openbravo the central cockpit of corporate searches.
- Sticky notes on transactions
- Comments and tags that can be added anywhere
- Work management for ERP transactions
- Integration with Collaboration tools
- Visual redesign overhaul
- Navigation
- Access
- Task based support, suggestions and notifications such as “Related Actions” from each screen that guide users through their most frequent tasks (example: create invoice from the sales order window)
- Home page, overview, dashboards, feeds
- Mobile ERP
- Expensess
- Approvals
- Warehouse
- Camera
- Messaging
- Help
- Synchronized marketing efforts
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depends on feature request 0005428 closed rgoris User interface should not reload so often and should behave as a true Ajax application 
depends on feature request 0005337 acknowledged rgoris When creating new records, some options should be disabled 
depends on feature request 0005256 new platform Show how many lines are available 
depends on feature request 0005249 acknowledged rgoris Add links to invoice numbers and the likes 
depends on feature request 0004816 closed rgoris Save and go to child/parent tab 
depends on feature request 0005055 closed rgoris A light interface for mobile devices 
depends on feature request 0004467 closed rgoris Replace pop-ups by Ajax boxes (dialogs) 
depends on feature request 0003313 acknowledged rgoris Favorites menu 
depends on feature request 0003377 closed rgoris Usability improvements for windows (Grid, Edit, New) 
depends on feature request 0004134 closed rgoris Ability to add notes to documents and transactions 
depends on feature request 0000494 acknowledged rgoris Bookmarking transactions 
depends on feature request 0000381 closed rgoris Contextual Menus 
depends on feature request 0006072 closed rgoris User experience redesign 
depends on feature request 0004433 closed rgoris Replace tables by DIVs where it is beneficial 
depends on feature request 0000421pi acknowledged dbaz Make interface components HTML standard 
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Some useful usability tips (for websites but some can be applied to Openbravo ERP) [^]
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solved/expired/not applicable in OB3