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0006333Java Client POS(No Category)public2008-12-02 15:312011-05-02 21:27
10XP SP2
0006333: allow to refund same ticket always
Every time you try to refund a ticket (one product or the entire sell), the program don't check if it was refunded before. It allow you to refund the same product 10 times.
1. Make a sell, with random products and quantity
2. Go to Edit sales
3. Enter the number of the sale you made
4. Click on "Refund"
5. Select "Refund All"
6. Acept
7. Do step 2 to 6 as many times as you want
Add a field to the tickets, to mark a sale that was refunded,

so next times some one tries to refund it again, a validation will warn that the ticket was refunded.


Block further refund tries on the same ticket.
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2009-07-07 05:36   
I was about to submit this issue as a BUG. Any updates for this? I believe, this is not just a feature request and should be of higher priority. Inexperienced users can mistakenly Refund already refunded sales and may cause money loss.

I appeal to all developers to please work on it. Thanks!
2009-07-15 05:58   
any updates?!
2011-05-02 21:27   
Having implemented OpenBravo POS in 26 stations and 12 revenue centers, this has become a critical issue.

You should never be able to refund more then was initially sold.

So the lines on the ticket would need to have field to reference the refund and refund ID, and disallowing refunds to items that have already been processed.