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0006135Openbravo ERP00. Application dictionarypublic2008-11-20 19:492018-04-15 15:12
20Ubuntu 7.10
0006135: Clean up selectors associated infor from AD and DB
Now in trunk selectors have only one file instead of selector_F1.html, selector_F2.html....

There are 3 issues:
A) Some of these deleted files still remain referenced in ad_model_object_mapping table.
B) Locator Search selector do not have a Selector Class associated. Should it be removed?
C) AD_REFERENCE_TRG2 trigger still creates the selector_F1.html, selector_F2.html... structure if you create a new selector.
A) 1) Go to Application Dictionary || Reference
2) Filter by Validation Type = Search Validation
3) For each of the selectors, go to Selector Class tab then to Selector Mapping tab and check that files there correspond to files inside /src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/info/ [^]

B) 1) In the same place that A), look for Locator Search reference and see that Selector Class tab is empty.

C) 1) Create a new reference with Validation Type = Search Validation
2) Go to Selector Class tab and see that has been created.
3) Go to Selector Mapping tab and notice that selector_F1.html, selector_F2.html.... structure has been created when it is not used anymore (see attached image)
A) and B) Make Application Dictionary data clean-up.
C) Review AD_REFERENCE_TRG2 trigger and remove lines 62 to 78 (in the XML): [^]
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png selector-mapping.png (51,680) 2008-11-20 19:49
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2009-01-30 19:22   
It will be done in the clean-up project that Stefan will lead when we start with 2.60.