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0006083Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2008-11-19 18:022008-12-17 11:09
0006083: Usability: Finance: Post/not posted button confusing
When posting manually to Finance (for example of invoices, etc), the button to
action the posting is called: not posted

It's confusing to people and I thought I'd logged an issue for it after the previous training, but couldn't find an entry.

The text on a button should be the action that the button does:
       POST : to do the initial posting. So not 'not posted', which is an
              indication of the current status and has nothing to do with the
              action that the button will execute
       UNPOST: to reverse the posting. So not 'posted' as it currently says.
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duplicate of feature request 0003462 acknowledged rgoris Process button names are wrong/misleading 
related to defect 00021312.50 closed AinhoaPagola AT235: Wrong label in Bank Statement (Not Posted) 
depends on defect 00021302.50 closed AinhoaPagola AT235: Wrong label in GL Journal Header (Not Posted) 
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