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0005980Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2008-11-16 07:362008-12-17 11:09
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0005980: Tax handling enhancements
Tax handling needs to be enhanced in many ways.
This is an umbrella feature request that encompasses a number of smaller requests attached to it.
depends on feature request 0003277 acknowledged rmorley Tax Rate structure: defining data for the parent tax 
depends on feature request 0003276pi acknowledged rmorley Taxes: country groups 
depends on feature request 0004729 acknowledged rmorley Child related to parent tax this is not usefull 
depends on feature request 0004734 acknowledged rmorley obligation put line in cascade tax 
depends on feature request 0004747 acknowledged rmorley More than 1 cascade tax donĀ“t work 
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