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0000586Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2008-06-10 08:052009-05-22 19:34
20Ubuntu 7.10
0000586: State transitions for documents and buttons
Currently the document life cycles are not consistently managed in terms of metadata.
From one side, a significant portion of the business logic is hard coded; from the other, it is not done consistently.
For example: an invoice goes from Draft to Complete pressing the Complete button. But it goes from Not Posted to Posted pressing the Not Posted button.
related to feature request 0003358pi acknowledged platform BPM engine (workflow) 
depends on feature request 0000584 acknowledged rgoris When is not possible to create a GL posting, feedback is not clear 
depends on feature request 0000582 acknowledged rgoris Processed documents behavior 
depends on feature request 0003462 acknowledged rgoris Process button names are wrong/misleading 
depends on feature request 0003370 acknowledged rmorley Action/Process buttons are visible when creating a new entry 
related to feature request 0004250 acknowledged rmorley Validate Work Effort button should be hidden when is not useful 
related to feature request 0004399 acknowledged rmorley On Remittance, a window of Process is launched when unprocessing a Remittance 
related to feature request 0006966 acknowledged rmorley Unprocessing a bank statement - popup window still display the title as "Process Statement" 
related to feature request 0008475main acknowledged rmorley Unprocess Expenses popup window in Expense Sheet shows Process Expenses 
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