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0005560: Reports: it is hard to remove the previous entered data from the memory
When running a report, the system remember the data entered. Then when you go back and remove the remembered data from the memory, even then you don't see all output. For most reports it's quite hard to wipe out the old data.
A better solution would be that you can store the report that you've run with a certain name and that by default all the reports starts with all data again (so that the cache of the report is blank again)
related to feature request 0007090 acknowledged rgoris Reports don't remember filter values that have been provided when user switches between different reports/menu items. 
blocks feature request 0006443 closed rgoris Search and Filter - umbrella 
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2008-11-25 16:56   
Examples are:
Warehouse Management: traceability report: Product selector
Warehouse Management: Material transaction: Business partner selector

The crux lies in the UI selectors rather than in the defaults. It is a tedious task to remove a value from a field with a UI selector; you canĀ“t just BACKSPACE the value and tab away. In stead you need to remove search criteria, hit SEARCH and then CANCEL (or something similarly ridiculous).