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0055297: [unboxing] A successful unboxing process generates an incorrect warning message
I unboxed all the four products that were in a box. While the process was successful, a warning message appeared. The message is unrelated to the process I did and also cites the "page size" as a limitation which is not correct for four records.
1. From SSMS/AWO create a new box containing four products
2. Go to Warehouse Operations window and filter by the ID of the created box
3. Select all the four records and unbox them

The process finishes with success and a green message is shown in the background. However, a warning message pop up is shown. The message alerts the user about something that is not correct. It is not correct that 0 records are shown now instead of the 4 I had before because a page size limitation.
The pop up is not required as the user already expects the list to be empty after completing an unboxing.

And even in the case the message might have sense, it has no sense to mention that 0 records will be shown instead of the previous 4 due to a limitation of the page size
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png UnboxingErrorMessage.png (48,224) 2024-04-23 16:33
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