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0055287: Incremental Input with expectedValue may be inconsistently aligned
Right now, Incremental Input is supported with standard size. ( height : 5.6 rem )

Label and ExpectedValue inside BaseFormInput are displaced relatively to the Value inside with the following CSS rule:

transform: translate(-1.5rem, 0.85rem);

But this solution could be inconsistent when Incremental Input change his size or some styling rules are inherited from a current IncrementalInput used in POS2 and the input and expectedValue could be misaligned. ( i.e: In portrait Mode, incrementalInput size could be smaller )

InputAdornment is another case to avoid the padding when there is no ClearInput or AddtitionalButtons on the right side of the BaseFormInput.
Avoid the use of transform relative from the Input Value, and change it with a consistent alignment from the parent.

Buttons "+" and "-" on both sides should scale its size depending on the height defined.
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related to feature request 0055154 closed ablasco Incremental Input Improvements 
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