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0055286POS2POSpublic2024-04-22 19:032024-04-22 19:03
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0055286: NaN values inside BaseFormInputs when IncrementalInput only supports number
BaseFormInput sometimes returns NaN value if non-numeric values are introduced inside.

This case occurs specially inside IncrementalInputs when the user writes some letter with the keyboard.
- Login
- Go to Orders Window
- click on Proof of Payments of an order and from three dots button on the right side.
- Click on CreateNew button on the top.
- Select Divide Order in equal parts.
- Click on the input and write some letters with the keyboard.
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related to feature request 0055154 closed ablasco Incremental Input Improvements 
png Screenshot from 2024-04-22 19-02-49.png (73,915) 2024-04-22 19:03
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