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0055260: Consume GiftCards API returns a 500 error when the coupon is consumed
When the Consume Giftcards API is called with a giftcard that it is already closed the response has 500 status. The expected result is a 2XX status with an error message since the call has not fail technically.
1. Create new GiftCard instance.
2. Check using the API that the giftcard is available using /org.openbravo.api.ExportService/GiftCard/bySearchKey
3. Consume completelly (with an amount higher than the available) the giftcard using /ws/org.openbravo.retail.api.giftcards.ImportService/ConsumeGiftCard the response is 2XX
4. Check again the giftcard and notice it is closed.
5. Try to consume again the giftcards using the ConsumeGiftcard api, notice that the response is a 500 error. This is wrong, status should be 2XX with a message indicating that the giftcard is already expired/consumed/...
change the response status to 2XX
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blocks defect 0055121 closed Rajesh_18 Consume GiftCards API returns a 500 error when the coupon is consumed 
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Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

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Author: Rajesh Senthilkumar <>
Date: 23-04-2024 12:15:28
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Fixed ISSUE-55260: Catched OBException and returned the response status as 200

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