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0055076Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Francepublic2024-04-01 09:042024-04-01 09:11
0055076: CROSS STORE Verified returns don't have the same taxes than the original ticket
When the user do a verified return, the taxes of the original ticket are not retrieved

When doing a Verified return, Avalara Tax engine is recalled

this is OK, but in case of cross store return [or a home delivery returned in a store], we expect that the ORIGINAL store [or customer] address is the one taken for the tax calculation (an not the store where we are doing the return)

In summary we expect that the address sent to Avalara for the calculation of the original sale is also sent for the tax calculation on return.
Put a ticket in one store
Do Verified return in another store
check the address shipfrom and shipto
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