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0055070Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Portugalpublic2024-03-27 22:222024-04-05 13:15
highmajorunable to reproduce
0055070: QRCODE empty for invoice
We have certain invoices (NORAUTO) without QRCode, in which the invoice reports were generated without problems.
If we reprint it, the qrCode is not regenerated and is not saved.

We need to can save the qrCode
Example: [^]
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pdf Fatura-24NORPT0631P55I0000201_20240207_084249DUPLICATE.pdf (45,229) 2024-04-03 21:02
pdf Fatura_24NORPT0631P55I_0000201.20240326-144922.pdf (57,294) 2024-04-03 21:02
pdf Fatura-24NORPT0631P55I0000201_20240207_084249.pdf (45,245) 2024-04-03 21:02
png Screenshot from 2024-04-05 12-18-14.png (378,602) 2024-04-05 13:15
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2024-04-02 16:50   
The link provided is a backoffice link for which we do not have any credentials to login.
In any case, please note that the QR code is generated in the POS when the corresponding invoice or credit note is issued and printed.
The reprint must also be done from the POS as the QR code is only generated in the POS.
Please let us know the steps to reproduce the issue submitted so we can better understand the problem.
2024-04-03 21:11   
Case [^]

I will send you the credentials by private message.
And the qr is null
2024-04-05 13:15   
Please find in the document "Especificaciones Tecnicas Código QR" in this folder. [^]
See page 6.
See an example of the ones already generated in the picture attached.
As discussed, please make sure that every time that any kind of invoice printed or reprinted, must include:
QR code
1,11,21,31 (positions of the hash) followed by the literal in portugues (Procesado por programa certificado nº 2846/AT)