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0055060Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2024-03-26 18:332024-03-26 18:36
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0055060: Property fields show wrong values under some circumstances
Property fields show wrong values under some circumstances: it may not be calculated properly when creating a new record.
1- Create a new property field in the Lines subtab of the Sales Order window:
   - Name: test
   - property: product._identifier
2- Go to the Sales Order window, create a new record in the header
3- Switch to the Lines subtab, click on create new in form view, note that the value that appears on the new field is the identifier of the parent record instead of the expected one (the product identifier in this case)

Note that if the record is now refreshed it will show the correct value
Here [1] the value of the property is calculated based on the parent record which is not correct in this case.

TBD: Maybe is less confusing if in this case null is returned?. Once the record is refreshed it will reflect the correct value

[1] [^]
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