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0055053POS2POSpublic2024-03-26 10:562024-03-26 11:33
0055053: The first time a value of a customer is edited from the POS does not reflect properly on the backoffice
If a Business Partner is created in the backoffice and then, in the POS, that customer is edited, when refreshing the record in the backoffice, the changed values are not displayed.
To see the updated values, the record must be closed and reopened.
This only happens the first time.
If, after this first modification, the same edition is done from the POS again, and go back to the backoffice and refresh it, then it works fine.
- Create a business partner in the backoffice and choose the Afghanistan nationality. Save it but leave that record opened.
- Log in the POS and refresh the masterdata to see the new customer.
- Open it in edit mode and change its nationality to Portugal.
- Save the record and go back to the backoffice where the record of the new business partners remains open and click on the refresh icon.
- See that the nationality does not change.
- Close and reopen the record.
- See that, now, nationality is Portugal.
- If you do the same flow again changing to another nationality from the POS, you then will see that the refreshing button in the backoffice works this time.
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