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0055032Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2024-03-21 19:252024-03-21 19:25
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0055032: Multi selector Filter Expression behaves as HQL Where Clause
A filter expression should create a default filter when opening the selector that can be removed by the user. This is how it works in Tabs, for example.

However, for OBUISEL_Multi Selector Reference, the Filter Expression does properly filter the dataset by default, but then it's impossible to remove this filter to see the other records.
As system admin, search any existing OBUISEL_Multi Selector Reference.
Go to Defined Selector tab.
Enter any filter expression, for example: "e.parentRefInventory is null"

As a normal user, open the selector and check the default expression is properly applied. [OK]
However, it is impossible to remove it, so it actually behaves as a where clause for the query. [WRONG]
Implement the Filter Expression behavior like we have in Tabs.

Nice to Have: like in Tabs, Create a new translatable "Filter Name" field to write a description about the filter.
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