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0054835Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2024-03-04 21:462024-03-22 09:43
0054835: The "Choose other warehouses" button does not work correctly after activating an organization.
After activating an organization and clicking on the "Choose other warehouses" button, the functionality does not finish correctly since, as we know, the instance must be restarted (re-login) for it to work correctly. This is something that we at the developer level know, but it is not something that users always know.

In issue 54386, a warning message for users was going to be added, but it was decided to add it separately in this issue.
1- In backoffice, go to the Organization window.
2- To an organization that is deactivated, try to add to the tab "Other warehouse for stock information" from the button "Choose other warehouses" any other organization.
3- Refresh the view and verify that no record has been added to the tab.
4- Activate the organization and perform step 2 again. We can see that no records have been added.
5- Log out and log in again.
6- To the same activated organization, try again to add a record as in step 2.
7- Verify that the record was added correctly.

Video with the steps and DEMO: [^] [^]
Warning message to let the user know that he/she must restart the instance (re-login) after activating an organization.
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related to defect 0054386 closed ludmila_ursu Retail Modules The "Other warehouse for stock information" tab in the "Organization" window cannot be filled in. 
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Severity changed to minor as after 0054386 the "Choose other warehouses" button is not displayed anymore if the organization is not active.