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0054703Retail ModulesEvents for Clientpublic2024-02-19 12:142024-03-26 12:17
0054703: Openbravo client events api does not show correctly the different components provided for the rest of apis
Depending on the selected components to be shown on the message component provided by this module, the ui is shown in one way or another. This is wrong as this component should bu display always in the same way.

See the common api documentation, [^] [^]

Also the login dialog bullets has disapered. See how it was contributed, [^]
1. Configure an events payment method, for example, the simulator
2. Go to the drawer menu, till and select payment terminal entry
3. See how the bullets are not being displayed
4. Select the autotest option
5. See how the different dialogs ui are changing depending on the components that are include on each step.
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