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0005457Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2008-10-07 19:252012-07-30 16:41
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0005457: Costs processes terminology is confusing
Some labels related with costs are confusing. It would be great it the labels were changed to a more appropriated word. Here you have a suggestion:

1.- In "Products" window there is a field called "Cost type" which indicates how the purchase cost is calculated. Current values are:
   - Average: it does a weighted average of the purchase prices.
   - Standard: it takes the last purchase price.

My suggestion is changing the label "Cost type" for "Purchase cost calculation" and "Average" for "Average price" and "Standard" for "Last price".

2.- The process "Generate average cost" (in Warehouse Management) calculates the purchase cost. So it would be logic if it was labeled "Calculate purchase cost".

3.- The process "Calculate standard cost" (in Production Management) calculates the theoretical cost based on a budget or a process plan. So it would be logic if it was labeled as "Calculate theoretical cost".

4.- The process "Create production cost" (in Production Management) calculates the real cost based on the purchase cost (2) and the work efforts. So it would be logic if it was labeled as "Calculate real cost".

Moreover, it would be great if instead of having 2 different processes to calculate the real cost, we had only one that calculates everything (would include the execution of the calculation of the purchase cost and the production cost).
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new cost engine has replaced these processes